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Choosing the right family law solicitor means:
  • knowing what you're doing;
  • understanding the law and the system;
  • making sensible, informed decisions;
  • avoiding common (and other) mistakes;
  • getting good results:
    • more easily;
    • more quickly;
    • with less cost; and
    • with less stress.

Coddington Lamont is a specialist family law firm providing expert advice in all areas of family law. With specialist accreditation in family law and expertise in accounting, you can turn to us for the right advice in complicated financial settlements involving trusts, company or business interests, superannuation or overseas investments, or in relation to less-complex matters. You'll receive expert advice in a friendly and empathic atmosphere. We know how to smooth the process and deal efficiently with your matter.
We specialise in:

We also have an in-house counsellor who provides simple, easy ways to minimise stress and help reduce conflict.